My Results

Full reports from my microbiome tests.

Reports I received from common microbiome providers. Study these if you’re curious what results will look like, or if you’d like to compare yours to mine.

Tiny Health

Tiny Health focuses on the infant microbiome, but the same WGS technology will work in adults too, of course. Here’s the result of a sample I took on Tiny Health 2022-11-21

Bristle Oral Microbiome

Examples of my analysis.

My reports

Bristle oral microbiome AM/PM differences

Bristle oral microbiome AM/PM differences


Zoe New app from

Psomagen / Kean Health

Psomagen bought the assets of uBiome and recently rebranded to Kean Health

Psomagen GutBiome+ WGS microbiome report from a US-based lab using the Microba engine.




Microba Australia-based, now available for clinicians in the US

Elsavie Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies (TFTAK) of Estonia